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 Welcome To Salohcin Discussions

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PostSubject: Welcome To Salohcin Discussions   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:22 am

I have finally got around to reopening my discussions forum! cheers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that contributes to the discussions on these boards. They simply wouldn't be anything without your participation.

The reason that I have set up this site is that, as most people know, I am housebound and rather isolated, so I don't get the chance to discuss many things of interest with others anymore. The point of these boards is that everyone is welcome to air their opinions on almost any subject that they want, without others criticising them or picking on them for their personal views or ideas. I actively want a wide range of conflicting views here (not just everyone singing from the same hymn-sheet) as that stimulates real discussion about the topics and learning of the subject for everyone involved.

Many of you that are joining this discussion forum may feel intimidated or nervous about contributing to discussions already underway, or starting your own topics. I want to promise you that I will not permit anyone to personally criticise anyone else for getting something wrong, or for misunderstanding an issue. The best way for us all to learn about subjects is for us to discuss them and see what other peoples' points of views are and then reassess what we thought we already knew about it.

As such, I will be starting off a number of topics regarding subjects that I have been thinking about, but not having anyone else to bounce ideas off, may have misunderstood the subject involved or come to conclusion which other do not agree with. That is exactly the reason why I am discussing them here, so that I can hear other peoples' views and opinions and so allow myself to learn more and adjust what I believed I already knew. In many of these cases, I may appear, at first, to be merely stating how I think that things are, or should be, and not willing to hear any other opinions on the matter. I promise you all that the exact opposite is true here, the whole point of my bringing up topics here is not to convince others of my opinions and views, but to listen to theirs so that I can understand it better.

I really hope that you will help me to learn more about things in this way ad that you will feel free to not only contribute yourself, but to encourage other people you know to come and contribute too, so widening the experience and knowledge shared.

Thank you all for coming here and helping me out like this, I really do appreciate it.


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Welcome To Salohcin Discussions
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