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 When did paedophilia become immoral?

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PostSubject: When did paedophilia become immoral?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:02 am

Throughout history adults have been having sex with children under the age of 16. In many countries today, it is still perfectly legal to marry or have sex with children under 16. So when exactly did western society change it's view on this subject? What do you think the legal age limit for sex should be? Are there ever extenuating circumstances for someone to have sex with a minor?

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PostSubject: Re: When did paedophilia become immoral?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:56 am

Queen Victoria set the legal age limit for straight sex at 16 and for male homosexual sex at 18, although I'm not sure what year exactly she did this. She did not, however set a legal age limit for female homosexual sex as she did not believe women could/would do such a thing.

These laws still stand today.
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PostSubject: Re: When did paedophilia become immoral?   Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:35 am

This is an extremely sensitive issue to be discussing, especially given the media outrage and sensationalism by certain right wing newspapers who love to give the impression that every other person is a paedophile out to attack your child given half a chance.

I can see how, in some cases, problems can occur due to men being influenced by society that young girls (of 18 - 21) are the height of sexiness, while at the same time young girls of 13 and 14 are being made to look much older than they actually are (often these young girls can really look like they are around 20 or so). This leaves an extremely dangerous situation for many men nowadays, where they could all too easily become a sex offender without intending to have anything to do with a minor.

Personally, I get around this problem by the fact that I don't think of anyone under the age of 21 to be sexually mature (no matter what society or the law says) and I have a self-imposed age-difference boundary which means that I would not consider having a relationship with anyone more than 11 years younger than me.

The point of why paedophilia is considered so wrong is the issue of an older man or woman being able to mentally control or influence the younger boy or girl, so leading to abuse and mistreatment of the victim. I think that the law covering this issue should reflect this better. I find it unfair when a young boy is open to prosecution for having a relationship with a girl of around the same age, as in this case most of the time the girl is more mature than the boy. However, in case where there is a much older man or woman involved with a younger boy or girl, then the young person should be protected with the full force of the law.

I also don't think that this should be just age reliant, I believe that any relationship where one person is more able to mentally control and influence the other should be covered by this law to protect the vulnerable.

It is no real surprise that young people going through puberty are having sex, as they are biologically programmed to be sex-maniacs at that point in their lives. However I don't believe that they are mentally mature enough to deal with the consequences of such actions until they are at least 21. I also don't think that any girl should have sex below the age of 18, as all the women that I have spoken to that were sexually active under the age of 18 have encountered gynaecological problems in later life, which leads me to question whether having sex before the girls body has completely finished growing could be the cause of such damage.

Society and the media drum it into young people that they are more grown up than they really are, so it is no wonder that they become sexually active at ages that are completely inexcusable mentally. But try convincing a young boy or girl under 16 that they are not mentally ready to enter a sexual relationship and you will get a lecture from them about how grown up they really are. It is only in later life that you realise how unprepared you really were at that age for a sexual relationship. In fact, many people are still mentally too immature for a sexual relationship after the age of even 21.

This physical sexual maturity without the mental maturity to go with it is exactly the danger in many cases of paedophilia, where the young person thinks that they can control the situation more that they actually can, and only discover the truth once they are already being abused by the older person.

In order to reduce the incidences of this kind of behaviour, we really need to bring into being a few changes. We need to stop allowing the media to direct advertising at young people to convince them of their maturity in order to get them to buy products. Along with this, we need to stop promoting younger and younger models and actors / actresses as sex objects. By promoting younger people (even of the age of 18 or 19) as being the height of sexiness, then you are actively encourage people to blur the boundaries about young people being sexy (especially when you have pictures of an 18 year old girl dressed in a school-girl uniform, is it really any wonder that some men will then associate this outfit with sex?) This is why incidences of paedophilia are increasing (or at least appear to be), because so many people are making money from making young people think and appear older than they really are, and from making slightly older young people appear younger than they are for the purposes of porn.
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PostSubject: Re: When did paedophilia become immoral?   

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When did paedophilia become immoral?
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