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 Nationalism, independence or just fed up?

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PostSubject: Nationalism, independence or just fed up?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:08 am

With the rise in popularity of the SNP in Scotland and various nationalist parties throughout the UK, do people really want independence from England? Do the English want independence from the rest of the UK? Or is it just that everyone is so fed up of a series of poor governments that they think they'd be better off on their own?

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PostSubject: Re: Nationalism, independence or just fed up?   Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:34 pm

I donít think that the Scottish people really want independence from the UK, anymore than the Welsh want independence either. I do think, however that they are really fed up of a succession of bad governments based in England and this makes the idea of telling them to go away and them ruling themselves instead (after all, they couldnít do much of a worse job than those other governments have done can they?)

The problem with this is that itís not fair of the Scottish or Welsh to act like that, as the English are just as fed up of those governments too, but they donít have the choice to make themselves independent from them, so are stuck with them. The idea of us being an United Kingdom is that we grit our teeth and put up with such bad governments together and then work together to get rid of them and preventing them ever gaining power again. By throwing their hands up, walking away and leaving the English to the mercy of those governments they are being unfair to the English, We should face it all together, no matter how tempting it is to leave the English to it.

I do notice that it is rather unfair of the English at times that the world tends to look on England as being all of Britain, and the English sometimes tend to play up to this and forget that Britain includes Wales, Ireland and Scotland too and is not just about England.

To be fair though, this also goes further too. The North of England often gets really fed up with the fact that the government and media tend to concentrate on the South of England as more important than the North is. And further to that, almost all of England gets fed up of the way that the media and government concentrate so much on London, to the detriment of other cities. People I the midlands get fed up of the media and government concentrating on Birmingham rather than the rest of the midlandsÖ and so on.

To be honest, if Scotland does gain independence from the UK, then Wales would probably follow soon after. Then Northern England would start campaigning to be allowed to be independent from the South, then other cities will want to be made independent from London. Then North London will want to be independent from South London, and so ad absurdum.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, now that it is independent, are the regions of Scotland going to want independence from other areas? Are they going to want to split up back into the old Clan territories as shown here?

Where does this fractionism end? When every personís home is independent from everyone elseís? When each personís bedroom is independent from everyone elseís in the house?
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Nationalism, independence or just fed up?
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