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 Why become a terrorist?

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PostSubject: Why become a terrorist?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:09 am

With the rise in radicalism in the world today, why do more and more people seem to be turning to terrorism? Is terrorism ever right? What is the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist? Are the US and UK guilty of terrorist acts themselves?

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PostSubject: Re: Why become a terrorist?   Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:14 pm

Youths have always wanted to rebel against authority and the society that they live in. In the 60s and 70s, in this country, there was a huge movement of protest with many people protesting about practically anything they could think of. But in the 80s, protests were strongly legislated against, and so those youths that felt aggrieved by society, the government and lack of jobs, found that their normal form of release for these feelings had been removed from them, so they had to find another way of expressing their dissatisfaction with the way things are.

America and the UK have always been popular targets for the frustrations of young peoplesí frustrations with the way things are, because of the power and influence they have in the world and their habit of allowing many injustices in the pursuit of profits and their habits of becoming involved (not always ethically) in the politics of other countries.

So, youths are looking around for some way of expressing themselves and someway of rebelling, preferably while thumbing their noses at America and the UK at the same time, and denied their normal methods of expression of protest (by legislation) and politics (by apathy caused by the government studiously making a point of ignoring any disagreement to their policies) they see the conflict in the middle East between Israel and the Palestinians and find some sympathy for the Palestinian side (if only because America and the UK are seen to support Israel, so naturally they are going to want to oppose them) and start to enquire as to how they may help the Palestinian and Arab cause. The language of the militant extremist Islamists calls to these youths who are desperate to fight oppression, injustice and especially America and the UK and they find themselves liking what they hear. Is it really that surprising that they flocked to these causes? Is it also any surprise that those militants welcomed these unhappy, frustrated youths with open arms? They were perfect for each other!

The more that America and the UK involved themselves in the politics of smaller, less powerful countries, the more they made the cases for the recruiters for those militant groups, showing how unjust, oppressive and terrible America and the UK are (in the views of the militants and those youths looking to rebel), while these groups were willing to provide the youths with brotherhood, family, love and support and train them how to fight these horrors of the West. Further more, young people tend to feel immortal, so have are much easier to convince of the glories of suicide missions and martyrdom, all governments have used this knowledge throughout history to turn youths into soldiers and supporters because these youths provide an almost unending source of enthusiasm and belief.

The UK, America and may other countries have always been involved in terrorism themselves (itís practically what the military intelligence and secret service arms were invented for). They have always been involved in assassinations, covert operations, coups, training of rebel armies and other such activities that they criticise other countries for doing. A perfect example of this was in Iraq, where they sponsored and trained an assassination attempt of the ruler of that country by a local gangster by the name of Sadaam Hussein. When the attempt failed, Sadaam went into exile in the US for a number of years until the ruler of Iraq was finally killed, at which point the UK and America installed him as the new leader of Iraq to aid them in their disagreements with Iran with training and armaments from the UK and America. Another example was in Afghanistan, where the UK and America trained and armed the Mujahedeen in their fight against the Soviet Union, also using the CIA to train a Saudi minor prince by the name of Osama Bin Laden. But once the Soviet Union had been driven out of Afghanistan, the Mujahedeen refused to abide by the influence that the UK and America thought that they now deserved. These arenít the only examples of this kind of behaviour and interference by the UK and America, but there are so many examples that I couldnít list them all. You can easily look them up on the internet if you really want to find out more examples, there are hundreds.

The title of terrorist or freedom fighter has always been a question of interpretation. After all, the great of hero of Israel, David Ben Gurion, who helped found the state and has the main airport named after him, was once known as the worldís number one wanted terrorist, and openly stated that he would continue his terrorist activities, with the backing of America, until they formed the state of Israel

One of the most respected and loved people in the world today, Nelson Mandela, was in fact a terrorist, even though he was fighting for a popular and widely supported cause.

The French Resistance in WWII, were terrorists to the German government, even though we describe them as freedom fighters.

For Britain and America to declare war on terrorism is laughable, in my opinion, as they have been guilty of more terrorism throughout the world than any other groups or governments.

Please allow me to just explain my opinion at this point. I donít agree with terrorism of any kind, in any cause, as I believe that terrorism is always self-defeating. The very act of using violence to try and further your case causes the recipients of that violence to think even worse of those associated (directly or indirectly) with the terrorists. The rise in Islamic terrorism has simply led to a further rise in anti-Islamic feeling in many countries and those Muslims that have nothing to do with the terrorism are made to suffer due to the behaviour of the terrorists. Whenever a group uses terrorism to attack another group, inevitably the attacked group tend to take their revenge on peaceful members of the community who the terrorists belong to (because those peaceful members of the community are much easier to find and take revenge upon than the terrorists themselves). It is only when these groups give up the violence and start to discuss their cases peacefully do they find that they gain more movement towards winning what they were fighting for (as has been demonstrated with the Anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, and with the IRA in Ireland).

I did warn at the time of the start of the Iraq war and invasion of Afghanistan that the most likely effect of these actions would be to increase Islamic terrorism against Britain and America, and thatís exactly what happened. But the more acts of Islamic terrorism that take place, then the more likely it is that America will invade more Islamic countries in an attempt to stop the terrorists (as is demonstrated with the movements America are making at present towards invading Iran).
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Why become a terrorist?
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