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 Speed cameras

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PostSubject: Speed cameras   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:21 am

What do you really think of speed cameras? Are they just a money making scheme? Or do they improve road safety? Should they be easy to spot? Or should they be hidden or camouflaged so that no one knows they are there?

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PostSubject: Re: Speed cameras   Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:33 pm

Drivers are always complaining about speed cameras, claiming that they donít really prevent speeding, but are just used as a method of fund raising.

I agree that how they are currently used, they are not an effective way of preventing speeding, because drivers know where they are and slow down when they know they are about to go through one, then carry on speeding when they are past them. I think that they should be hidden and drivers not allowed to know where and when they are being used, that way the drivers have to stay within the speed limit all the time because they never know when they may be caught.

Drivers always seem to think that speeding isnít really a crime and that they should be allowed to do it whenever they want. They also object to parking laws and any other laws that prevent them from doing whatever they want, anytime they want.

Speeding is an incredibly serious crime, whether drivers want to admit it or not. You are in possession of several tonnes of metal that can kill someone incredibly easily. More people are killed by cars every year than from anything else. As long as drivers continue to deny the dangers of their speeding then they are putting lives at risk and are dangerous to the rest of society.

I think that there should actually be more ways of preventing speeding, rather than less.
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Speed cameras
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