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 Nations or unity?

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PostSubject: Nations or unity?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:36 am

In this modern day world of global commerce and ease of travel from country to country, is there still any place left for individual national identity? Or should we all come together as one human race and forget about old national boundaries? Do you think it would be a good idea for an expansion of such groups as the UN into world-wide governing bodies with real powers to effect the people of the world? Or should each country continue to govern itself? With the rise in independence and break up of old countries, at what point do we end this regional break up?

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PostSubject: Re: Nations or unity?   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:31 pm

What worries me about the continued devolution of many countries like the former Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia into smaller regional areas is how far such regionalisation goes? To the borders 100 years ago? 200 years ago? 300 years? 1,000 years? At some point most countries have controlled various areas all over the world, so who’s claim winds out? Does Italy get to claim most of Europe seeing as the Roman Empire used to own it all? or do the Babylonians get first choice? Or does it go all the way to tribal / clan territories? If Scotland decides to gain independence from the UK, will it then be a case of the highlands gaining independence from the lowlands? Or the area that used to be controlled by the MacDonald clan claiming independence from the area controlled by the Campbell clan, breaking Scotland down into zones as shown here

That’s the problem with breaking countries down into ancient territories, no matter how far you go, someone is always going to be unhappy that you went too far, or didn’t go far enough.

To be honest, I think that most yearnings for devolution and independence is more to do with demonstrating how unhappy they are with the governing body than with any real wish to rule themselves. When you’ve had a number of years of misgovernment by an unpopular political group then people start thinking that they might as well try ruling themselves, as they can’t seem to do any worse a job than “that lot” have done.

In actuality, instead of everyone trying to split everyone up and rule themselves, what society really needs is unity rather than further fragmentation. Nationalism tends towards prejudice towards people who are not members of your “group”, and so, in order to rid the world of racism, the best thing that society can do for itself it to get rid of all national barriers and concepts of nationality and accept that instead of some of us being Scottish, some English, some French, some German and so on, then we are all human and no different, no better or worse than anyone else. Members of the right-wing will object to such an idea as they have such “pride in their national identity” but all this really means is that they think that someone with a certain colour of hair, colour of skin, accent, or place of birth are somehow different, better or worse than other people born in identical circumstances apart from one minor difference.

Whether you believe in creationism, in which case you believe we all descend from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, or you believe in evolution, in which case you believe that we all descend from a group of hominids in Ethiopia. In both cases you have to accept from the basis of your belief system that we are all related if we go far back enough and are all descend from common roots. Therefore, it is ridiculous to try and claim that any one group is better than another for any reason of genetics, appearance, intelligence, culture or any other reason, because we all come from the same mixing pot (whether people like it or not). Having had to accept out common relationships and common identity, we no longer need national barriers to separate groups, because those groups no longer are valid.

Now that we have done away with national boundaries, and tribal or nationalistic identities, we can create a common ruling body for all of mankind. Thus no more wars, as there are no more groups to make war against each other. An end to war means less spending for all on arms and weaponry. That money can be used to irrigate previously uninhabitable areas of the planet, turning previous deserts into farm lands again, so providing the population with more food, water and shelter. Scientists and experts from previously different countries can now collaborate to find better and brighter inventions for the good of mankind as a whole. They could work together on the space program, enabling us to speed up the time when we may be able to colonise other planets or moons.

Now that there are no longer any national boundaries, there is no further need for extradition treaties, so criminals from all over the world can easily be picked up wherever they have been hiding and brought to justice.

The overall governing body for all of human kind can provide equal representation for all areas and people of the globe and spreading the income raised through taxation to pay for development of previously underdeveloped areas.

So we can now put aside poverty, hunger, wars, immigration, racism, and most of the other ills of humankind by the simple expedient of ridding ourselves of national boundaries and national identities.

So there’s your choice, a global society of peaceful, well fed people or sporadic regions of ethnic conflict fighting over territories that were last around 10,000 years ago.
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Nations or unity?
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