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 Is America a democracy?

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PostSubject: Is America a democracy?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:52 am

The past two presidential terms have been held by the person who did not gain the most votes in America, yet this is the country that has invaded and bombed other countries to bring about regime change and bring democracy to those countries. Is America setting the right example? Is it really a true democracy? Or is it all about the money - it costs millions of dollars to run for office in the US? Should America be showing a better example to the rest of the world if it is go on claiming to be the champion of democracy? Can democracy ever really be expected in a country where money is so powerful a political tool?

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PostSubject: Re: Is America a democracy?   Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:29 pm

America is a contradiction between the values it sets for itself, and the rest of the world, and the reality of how it behaves.

The theory is that any American citizen may become President of the country, but the truth is that it takes millions and millions of dollars to even run as a candidate, and so even to stand you need the support of one of the two main parties, plus the financial support of many extremely rich and powerful people in the country. This is not realistically available to just anyone.

A further contradiction is that it describes itself as the land of the free and the home of the brave, yet the system is actually extremely oppressive, with very little freedom of speech that disagrees with the accepted political status quo and any deviation from this is strongly prevented.

America purports to be the champion of democracy throughout the world, yet whenever there is a government in a country that disagrees with what America says, then America will support regime change or revolution in that country until a government that is sympathetic to America is in power (they have done this time and time and time again in many different countries in recent times). Furthermore, even within itself, it only gives its people a choice between representatives between the two political parties and in truth whoever gains the most support from the rich and powerful people in the country wins by basically “buying” the presidency. This has been exemplified in the past two elections, where George W Bush actually received fewer votes than his opponents, but won the presidency because of the power and money of his supporters and the removal from the electoral role of many people who would not vote for him. The reality in America is that money is power and most policy is influenced by what creates the greatest profits for those people that supported you in your campaign. Both political parties are considered right-wing by European standards (even the more liberal Democratic party is further to the right, politically, than our Conservative party). Anything more left wing (or centre) than the Democrats is considered to be dangerous and Communist.

Despite the fact that America is the foremost proponent of religious, racial, ethnic, sexual and social liberalism, the real truth is that intolerance of all kinds if still extremely strong and influential in power and government. There is still great social, ethnic and racial division throughout the country (not just in the South, where admittedly it is a little stronger, but all through the entire country), and religious intolerance has been growing steadily under the Bush administration due to strong anti-Islamic propaganda, and there is still enormous sexual prejudice in much of the country (although there is some quite powerful tolerance in certain states), once again mainly due to the influence of the strongly right-wing, extreme Christian fundamentalism around the Bush administration.

Once again, the contradiction within the country is due to the people and political will in the country being at odds with the views of the real power of the money men in America, who tend to be more right-wing than the majority of the population. Until the people of America force a change in the electoral system of the country, bringing in a more democratic form of government, then this state of affairs is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.
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Is America a democracy?
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