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 America's world reputation

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PostSubject: America's world reputation   Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:55 am

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the regime of an extremely unpopular president for such a long time, what do you think is the reputation of the world's only super power left in the rest of the world? What can it do to make things better? Could America help other countries more? Or should it not interfere in other countries at all?

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PostSubject: Re: America's world reputation   Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:53 pm

George W Bush has done a Hell of a lot of damage to Americaís reputation throughout the world in general, through his extreme right-wing, Christian fundamentalist policies. The administration as a whole, not just George W, but his vice president and the rest of his cabinet have caused untold damage to the reputation of the country which may well take many years to fix, if ever. The insistence of this administration to invade Iraq no matter what the reason has been revealed to have been the plan from the moment that the administration came to power, and the single-minded way that they went about finding any excuse to do so, has left the world unable to trust America from invading any country they like at will. Their behaviour and obvious dislike of all things Arabian (except Saudi Arabia who have invested billions of dollars in the US during the Bush administration) has really aggravated the Arabian states in the Middle East, even more than they already were, causing enormous increases in Islamic Militarism as a response to the antagonism from the American administration and its supporters. The rise of Al Qaeda and other Islamic military groups is in direct response to the behaviour of America. Their flagrant disregard for the United Nations and their obsession with oil (mainly brought about by the strong influence of powerful figures in the administration that are involved in the oil industry) and with war (mainly brought about by the vice president and other members of the administration being closely involved in companies in the defence industry) have left many of the people of the world highly suspicious of their motives and behaviour Ė being more influenced by money than by democracy, humanity or peace.

The fact that George W Bush himself has not won either of the elections that he has taken power from, and in each case has come to power through dirty tricks and unethical behaviour, makes a mockery of Americaís claims to be the champions of Democracy.

An analogy of how the world sees America is as a spoiled teenaged bully. They huff and puff a lot and make a lot of threats towards anyone that they donít like the look of, but are very careful to only become involved in action where there is an overwhelming military superiority, and even then yell loudly in complaint and go running to hide behind their friends whenever someone puts up even a small amount of resistance. Anyone that dares to argue with them and not go along with whatever they say is threatened with invasion, but, once again, they would only really consider it if they are sure of an easy win with little or no resistance. An example of this kind of behaviour is their reaction to the 9/11, twin towers attack. Admittedly this was a terrible event, and unsupportable under any reasons, but the fact that America was attacked, on its home soil, for the first time in Heavens knows how long really shocked them to their core. America has always been perfectly happy to attack other countries and get involved in the politics and coups of other countries, but when something of what they have been dealing out, around the world to other people, happens to them then this is seen as the most horrific event in the history of the world. True, it was a terrible event that 3,000 people died, and this cannot be condoned under any circumstances, but America has been dealing out bigger attacks and higher death tolls in other countries for years and not made even a fraction of the fuss that they did when it was their own people. Please donít misunderstand me, I was horrified by the 9/11 attack, just as the rest of the world was, but I am just as horrified by the death toll that America has caused in Peru, in Granada, in Iraq, in Vietnam, in Korea, in Somalia, in Afghanistan, and many other places throughout the world. I am not in any way saying that they deserved what happened, they didnít. I am just pointing out the fact that when they do it to other countries then it is ok, but when it happens to them then it is considered to be one of the worst disasters in the history of the world.

It must be remembered that America has been involved in organising revolutions, coups, regime changes, assassinations and what they would call terrorism if done by anyone else, throughout the world for decades. Is it any surprise that America is considered to be bullies, war-mongerers, untrustworthy and is hated by many peoples through out the world? They have interfered and threatened almost constantly in the countries of South and Central America, in Africa, throughout Asia and in many other places for many years. Whenever the imagery of the apocalypse is used in the world, it is always America that is given the role of Anti-Christ, even by its own people or its allies.

But this administration was just an extreme and obvious example of what all American administrations have been like to a great extent. Even under the most liberal of Democrat administrations, America is still much further right wing in its politics and views of the rest of the world than any other country, and as such they have continued to feel that it is their right to get involved in matters that every other country in the world accepts that is none of their business and that they should all keep their noses out of.

The sad part of all this is that America itself, and the American people donít deserve all this ill feeling towards them. It really can be the greatest helper any country could need and the American people are amongst the most liberal, caring and even bravest in the world (despite their appearance on the world stage), but itís the people with the real power in America that cause the damage and influence Americaís behaviour to the detriment of the country as a whole, for their own reasons (normally financial, or imperialistic). These people are really doing America no favours as they are the ones to blame for Americaís bad reputation throughout the world. But there is little or nothing that America itself or its people can do about these people because of the way that Americaís power system is set up. These people are not democratically elected, or even appointed by the ruling Administration, but control the country through the power and influence of their money.

This country that has the greatest potential to do good in the world, and effect the entire globe for the better is held back by the self-interested and profit-driven motives of those people who hold real power in America and there is nothing that anyone can do about it until Americans themselves change their system of government.

One of the worst things about the current system in America is that this country that prides itself on free-speech, democracy and freedom of expression absolutely hates to be criticised by anyone and, in all probability, the fact that I have written this will mean that they take note of me as an Anti-American trouble-maker and if I ever travel back to America I can be sure that this will be used against me, despite the fact that I am actually trying to help them to see what is wrong within themselves and enable them to make things better for everyone. In their mind, if you donít blindly agree with them and everything they say then you must be against them and not to be trusted.
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America's world reputation
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