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 Sex workers - Would you do it?

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PostSubject: Sex workers - Would you do it?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 5:29 am

There are millions of people working in the sex industries nowadays - making porn films, pole dancers, strippers, escorting, sex-lines, etc... Would you do this kind of work if you had a choice? Or do you think it degrading and exploitative? Is it worth swallowing your dignity and pride for the money? Where do you think the line is between decency and indecency? Would you be happy for your children to grow up wanting to work in the sex industries? Do you think it's all a waste of money?

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PostSubject: Re: Sex workers - Would you do it?   Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:08 am

As long as you're not being forced into the industry by someone else and you do it responsibly, i.e: regular medical check ups etc, I don't see what's wrong with it.

The only difference between a Kings Concubine and a streetwalker is a prostitute has to go looking for work every evening and a concubine doesn't, yet a prostitute is treated like dirt and a concubine is treated as well as a queen. Why? They both do exactly the same job.

What's the difference between a prostitute and someone who goes out and gets drunk every evening and wakes up in someone differents bed every morning? You might say a prostitute gets paid for their services but then how many of their own drinks did the drunk pay for?
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PostSubject: Re: Sex workers - Would you do it?   Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:49 am

This does raise the question as to who really are the prostitutes. We see in the media the glamorisation of the WAG (waives and girlfriends of footballers) and I often hear women comment on how they would like a rich boyfriend. Isn't this prostitution? Being in a relation with someone purely because of what they can give you or buy you is surely the same thing as what a streetwalker does isn't it?

Is there really that much difference between a model that poses in sexy clothes, or underwear, and one that removes her clothes for the camera? Is there that much difference between a glamour model that removes her clothes for the camera to a soft porn actor / actress that simulates sex for the camera? Is there that much difference between a soft porn actor / actress and a hard core porn actor / actress, as they regularly swap between the two genres? In turn, is there any difference between a hard core porn actor / actress and a prostitute, as both are selling their bodies and sex for money, it's just that the actor / actress are having sex in front of the camera rather than in private?

With my personal view as to sex workers, this is a bit of a tricky one for me. Although never having used one, I have met a lot of prostitutes and sex workers in my life and I am well aware that they are just normal, ordinary, everyday people, ranging from snobbish, middle class people to down-to-earth people that you would expect to find on any council estate. In fact, many of the sex workers that I have known personally did not have the people close to them knowing what they did for a living, many were married and "respectable" and did it without the knowledge of their husbands or boyfriends.

On the other hand, I don't think that I would be happy if a partner of mine or one of my children were to get into this industry. I realise that this is a bit hypocritical of me, but I am just being honest. I wouldn't want someone that I care about to be in that kind of industry because I see how easy it is for them to get hurt.

Very few people remain in the sex industry for very long in their lives. They tend to make as much money as they can, as quickly as they can, and then get out of it as soon as possible.

People that have been in the industry mainly quote their reason for doing it as being "easy money", and it's true that they can be paid a lot of money for what they do, but isn't it the case that they are getting paid that much because they are basically selling their dignity? Many sex workers turn to drugs to try and block out how they feel about what they do, so creating a viscous cycle, where they then need to do more work to earn enough for more drugs to block out what they have done.

One of the things that always fascinates me about the sex industry is how come people make so much money from it. I don't watch or buy porn myself, not through any moral objection to it but because nothing I have ever seen in a magazine or film even slightly matches up to what I could see in my imagination or my memory. As such, I often wonder how come so many people need to spend so much on getting themselves sexually excited in this way, rather than using their own minds for free.

Another thing that really confuses me is when groups of men watch porn films together. Surely the purpose of watching a porn film, for a man, is to get sexually excited and masturbate. The thought of me masturbating while in the company of a group of other men, or them doing so in my company, is enough to certainly turn me off, so I really don't understand why they do it (especially as these groups tend to be exclusively heterosexual males.. I would understand it if it were a group of homosexual males).
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PostSubject: Re: Sex workers - Would you do it?   

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Sex workers - Would you do it?
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