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 Hello from Nick

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PostSubject: Hello from Nick   Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:03 am

Hi all,

I'm Nick (aka Wolf) and I'm a 37 year old housebound cripple.

I started this forum so that I could discuss with others some of the subjects that annoy me in life and (hopefully) stuff that annoys them too.

Before anyone asks, I have created a normal member account rather than using my administrator account for posting my own opinions and views, rather than using the Wolf account which may give the impression of being a more formal point of view. I will use the Wolf account when I need to use the administrator commands and if I wish to post a topic that is up for discussion as a non-biased observer, whereas I can rant away, as biased as I like, on this account.

I admit that I am an over-opinionated person, and I have something to say about most subjects, and many of the opinions I hold may well be considered wrong by others. But the reason why I am so opinionated is that I have way too much time on my hands to think about thinks, but without the ability to bounce any ideas of others, so many of the thoughts that I have need to be argued against in order for me understand the subject better and form better informed opinions. Unlike most over-opinionated people, I donít believe that my thoughts are automatically right and everyone else is wrong and refuse to listen to anyone elseís point of view. On the contrary, I welcome and encourage others to argue against my ideas, thatís the whole point of my setting up this forum, so that people can look at my ideas and convince me why Iím wrong and teach me a different way of looking at things. If you read of my thoughts and ideas and think ďwhat the Hell is this guy on about? It doesnít work like that!Ē then please feel free to correct me and tell me how and where Iíve gone wrong. Thatís the whole point of me starting these discussions, not to just state my ideas and thoughts and have others accept them, but to have others argue with them and convince me to think about things differently.

I look forward to having many interesting discussions with you all here.
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Hello from Nick
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