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 Death Penalty

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PostSubject: Death Penalty   Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:03 pm

Should the Ultimate penalty be brought back and in what circumstances if you think so?
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PostSubject: Re: Death Penalty   Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:51 pm

Only for those that supported the governments of the past 30 years that have caused this country to be left in the state that it is in through their attitude of "look out for yourself today, and let someone else clear up the mess later". Well, now it's later and we're the ones left to clear it up, and we could start by getting some payback on those selfish pigs who left us this mess. lol!

But seriously... (tempting as that is)

Justice is about rehabilitation, not revenge. The death penelty is all about revenge, and may give some satisfaction in the short term, but it extremely hard to rehabilitate and make usefull, productive members of society again out of anyone given the death penalty.

Murder is against the law, whether done by an individual, or by the sytate, and the death penalty is simply murder by the state. Noone has the right to end someone else's life against their will, especially not the govenment or judiciary.

We are constantly being told of miscarriages of justice, where someone has been convicted, beyond any shadow of a doubt, of a crime, yet years later are proven not to have done it after all. It is very difficult to say "sorry, we made a mistake" and release someone who you have already killed.

We are meant to have a system based on the premis that "it is better to let 1000 guilty men go free than to let one innocent man be wrongly convicted", and although there will always be pressure from certain groups to take on the American version of "guilty until proven innocent" and "better to let 1000 innocent men be convicted than to let one guilty man go free", I believe it will still always be better with the former version.

Many people will say that it should be "an eye for an eye" and that it should be the death penalty for murder, but what about "two wrongs don't make a right" if you want to throw cliches around? It is still wrong to kill someone, even if they "deserve it".
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Death Penalty
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